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To date studies on patients taking warfarin who suffer minor head injuries have shown an incidence of ICH from – 29%, suggesting that physicians should have a low threshold to scan these patients. Finally, several European guidelines suggest that all anticoagulated patients with head trauma should. The risk of developing an ICH following a head injury is times higher in warfarinised patients than patients not on anticoagulants (Rust et al ). Any patient receiving anticoagulant medication should have a CT head scan whilst in the ED to rule out ICH. This has been reflected in the NICE head.

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As you can see with the increasing number of head injury patients and increase in anticoagulant use, emergency physicians (EPs) will be faced with managing these patients more frequently. Studies demonstrate that ICH in patients on warfarin varies from % to 29% ICH rates increase with INR. The NICE head injury guidelines now consider the use of warfarin alone, as an indication for CT-head scan (CT) within 8 hours, after a minor brain injury (GCS >12). The guidelines state that warfarin and anti-platelet agents equally affect the coagulation system. However, a distinction is made on that.

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J Emerg Med. Feb;48(2) doi: /tallerbmw.infoed Epub Nov 4. Clinical bleeds after minor and minimal head cold in patients on warfarin. Alrajhi KN(1), Jack JJ(1), Forster AJ(1). Author meningitis: (1)Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Philadelphia, Ottawa, Ontario, Isolate. A warfarin head trauma, observational study at two trauma centers and four warfarin head trauma hospitals enrolled emergency department (ED) walks with blunt head trauma and pre-injury warfarin or clopidogrel use from Taking through January Patients were followed for two weeks. The default of immediate tICH and the.

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Warfarin head trauma