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Over half the time I visit my sister's house for an overnight stay, I get the nasty. Something in her house? Something in her food? I don't know; I'm trying to be scientific, but it's still a mystery. Is it sensible to take immodium or some other anti-diarrheal over-the-counter med ahead of time, as a preventive. Janene, what you describe sounds precisely like what I do. Even though the downside of using Imodium as preventive medicine is just as you note, I still do it sometimes JUST FOR THE BREAK. Also, if I'm in "travel status," I can't afford that 4-times-in-the-morning scene, so I'm willing to go to the other.

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Take it a few days before with your main meal. And see how you do like try it out now for a day or two to see what dose might be best for take some simethicone (Gas x) with it to prevent any painful gas cramping that can sometimes happen with imodium.I am so glad that you talked to your dentist!preventive with imodium. Hello from JustAnswer. Yes, it would be fine to use Imodium as a preventative, in tow different scenarios. It is fine to use the Imodium when you have been having diarrhea during the week, even if the diarrhea has not yet happened today, and it would be more reasonable to do if you are going on a car trip.

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Using imodium as a preventive