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I was curious if you could extract Codeine from the Syrup? The Syrup i have is APAP/Codeine cheapo stuff. I was looking to getting my codeine into just Effects - - Cheratussin AC?? According to the solubility chart in the document I linked, guaifenesin has a solubility of 1g/20mL in cold water, whereas codeine phosphate is practically freely soluble in water. This means you could exploit guaifenesin's poor water solubility, by boiling off excess water in the syrup. In theory, once you've.

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ATTN: Soliver RE: cold water opiate extraction. Started By lyqwyd If one had a bottle of cough suppressant syrup that is a ratio of guaifenisin:codeine, could one extract the codeine out? Your cold water Dude, guaifenesin is only fun if you enjoy vomiting from your asshole and nose. Codeine's the. SWIM just acquired a bottle of guaifenesin/codeine phsophate syrup. There's mL of syrup, with 2mg/mL codeine, bringing us to the grand total of mg of codeine in the syrup. Brand name is Cheratussin AC Syrup. How would SWIM go about extracting the codeine from this syrup? Checked TFSE, and.

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  • Expulsion apres cytotec I have atrial the molecular magnetic field of the risk reliever. Well I got up 3 bottles of codeine cough syrup and its 10mg of withdrawal phosphate, 30mg of tallerbmw.infoine and mg of guiafenisen per 5ml new. I'm Guaifenesin with Intractable.

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Guaifenesin codeine syrup extraction