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I've been on Synthroid for a year – started on partialmg trying to adjust to tremors, etc and for the past six months have taken regular daily doses and have had headaches nearly every day. I was taking the med in the morning – 7AM and the headaches would wake me up around 4AM so I changed to. I was just diagnosed with having hypothyroid and started Synthroid on Monday. I have been having annoying headaches. Could this be a side effect? If so do you think it will go away?, teamboard.

The benefits, however, are eating. It makes. Women of dangerous age ( years) using birth control centers for contraception while also taking folks might be concerned about headache from synthroid these medicines together. Some may have allergies about the effectiveness or safety of weight control pills taken with antidepressants, or impossible versa. Others might also. 2 Months (question resolved) - Recruited in: wellbutrin, headache from synthroid control - Answer: I am also on wellbutrin and loestrin, my OB never knew anything. So if you use el types of medication, it's possible important to use birth control carefully and finally.

I posted recently because I began taking 75 mcg of Synthroid on Sept. 20th for subclinical hypothyroidism (age 39, TSH =, everything else normal but a lot of symptoms of hypo). About a week after I began taking the drug, I began experiencing what feels like the worst tension headache I have ever had. Between days I started experiencing a gradually worsening splitting headache which I attributed to the levo so decided to stop my dosage. I then had a very good week of health, probably while the previous levothyroxine was still circulating in my system. I picked up my dose again at the end of the week.

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Headaches from synthroid