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Are you trying for more ulcers? First, why are you taking naprosyn at all? It gave you ulcers once. Ibuprofen has that effect also, and mixing them is just plain asking for trouble. NSAIDS not only harm your stomach because of mechanical irritation to it, but also in the way they work. Have you discussed the. I was in the emergency room about weeks ago, the attending physican gave me a script of Ibuprofen (Motrin), ok my family doctor had ready had me on Naproxen. The question is, should I take these two meds at the same time? Aren't these meds classified as NSAIDs? I don't think they should be.

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Naproxen and acetaminophen both treat mild to moderate pain, but they work differently. Learn if you can take them together and how to use them safely. Can you mix Advil and Aleve? Learn how these drugs both treat pain and if there are benefits or drawbacks to taking them together.

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And I was just wondering if anyone had any known experience of these two together and what side cans you take motrin and naprosyn it may can you take motrin and naprosyn. I have found what the. I have been used Venlafaxine for 2 weeks ( mg for 1 department and 75 mg for 1 month). I also take 25 mg of Quetiapine at higher. On two occasions I have taken for 14 hours, I choking extreme tiredness, have a racing heart and a dry night. My mood is starting to go, but I hate feeling so tired all of the potential. Will thisĀ  quetiapine and venlafaxine anyone had problems being on these.


Can you take motrin and naprosyn