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In some cases, there may be no need to avoid alcohol while on prednisone. However, you should talk with the doc/pharmacist, he/she would understand your situation best. Based on what you want and expect, as well as your current health situation, the two of you can make a shared decision about your. 1 Answer - Posted in: prednisone, alcohol - Answer: There are no interactions between Prednisone & alcohol. In fact, one of.

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However, not all doctors agree as to whether patients should avoid alcohol while taking prednisone. Usually, taking a small amount of alcohol while on low-dose-prednisone does not cause adverse effect on the patient. It is important to discuss with your healthcare provider if drinking alcohol is inevitable. However, it is important to share all of your medical history with your medical care provider before combining these two drugs so that he or she can better assist you in determining and managing the potential harmful side effects. Mixing prednisone and alcohol. Prednisone is a type of steroid that is most often used as an.

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Side effects of drinking alcohol with prednisone