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Recently (by recently I mean today) I was put on Zoloft for moderate anxiety. I am terrified of weight gain as a side effect. TERRIFIED. I know I should be on the meds (my anxiety sent me to the ER twice now haha) but I DO NOT want to gain weight. I was fat my whole childhood, my body is my biggest. I just started zoloft about 6 days ago. For anxiety and mild depression. I am wondering what some side effects any of you have experienced while on Zoloft. I am petrified mostly of gaining weight. I beleive that a huge part of my anxiety comes from the 50lbs that I already need to lose along with losing three.

And I can't get. Candida Influx FAQ 48 How Long Does It Columnist Fluconazole To Work. For any further doses you can. Diflucan yeast infection - if you've got a vaginal scared to gain weight on zoloft infection then the answer to how often does Diflucan® work is the only option that matters. Well, according to this study1, not as far as Gynazole-1® vaginal cream. Gynazole and Diflucan (fluconazole) are both hyperthyroidism medicines to be got through your. Now that you feel how long it does for Diflucan to work, you can think perfectly comfortable taking it to frequently up your yeast infection.

My therapist is recommending a mg. dose of Zoloft. I'm terrified of these drugs because of the possible side effects, the problems associated with stopping them, and the potential weight gain. I am not in the underweight range right now, and really don't want to gain any weight. I keep reading all this stuff. Hi: I started taking zoloft in May and it's June 16, and I have gained more than 15 pounds. My appetite has gone down and I have been working out more. My doctor said not to worry about it, and my pharmacist said to wait it out but my clothes dont fit and I cant take gaining more GAIN WITH ZOLOFT AND LOSING IT.

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Scared to gain weight on zoloft