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Ciprofloxacin is best known for its intended use to treat anthrax infections from a bioterror attack. However, ciprofloxacin is also used for other types of infections including those of the skin, bone and urinary tract. When taking ciprofloxacin, you will want to be mindful of what you eat and drink as there may be harmful. Cipro. Interactions. Should I avoid certain foods while taking Cipro? Cipro may interact with the following foods: Very important: A change in your diet, medicine, or dosage may be necessary. Promptly consult your doctor or pharmacist. TAKE 2 HOURS BEFORE OR 2 HOURS AFTER DAIRY PRODUCTS.

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Cipro is also known as Ciprofloxacin is a powerful antibiotic drug that is used to treat dangerous bacterial infections. It is best known for its intended use to treat anthrax infections from a bio terror should avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks when taking ciprofloxacin. Candida esophagitis?: Ask your doctor (preferably the GI doc who did the endoscopy) about the possibility of a candida (yeast) infection of your esophagus. Yeast overgrowth and infection can be triggered by broad spectrum antibiotics like ciprofloxacin. This should have been obvious by endoscopy, but still Read more.

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Can i eat eggs with cipro