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This type of rash often develops between three and 10 days after starting amoxicillin. But an amoxicillin rash can develop at any time during the course of your child's antibiotics. Any medication in the penicillin family, including the amoxicillin antibiotic, can lead to pretty serious rashes, including hives. Imagine your surprise when she wakes up after taking the medicine for five days with a rash all over, and your worry that is she having an allergic reaction. You call the office again, and after talking with the nurse, are told she most likely has a “non-allergic amoxicillin rash” and that you should continue to.

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Cases 1 and 2 both reacted very late in the course of their amoxicillin treatment (day 7 and 8 respectively), yet case 1 developed immediate onset allergy and case 2 developed non-immediate onset allergy. This demonstrates the variability witnessed in allergic reactions to amoxicillin and potential for  ‎Abstract · ‎Background · ‎Case presentation · ‎Discussion. Signs and symptoms of an ampicillin or amoxicillin rash. Signs and symptoms may include: raised and irregularly spaced. It often occurs three to 10 days after starting the medicine. itching In addition to the rash, some children may suffer from side effects while on ampicillin or amoxicillin. These side effects may include.

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Amoxicillin rash day 8