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14 Answers - Posted in: wellbutrin, erectile dysfunction, side effect - Answer: Wouldn't call it viagra, however, wellbutrin seems to have the least The most amazing orgasms, multiple. and YES I went from prozac (no- sack) to a very happy sexual woman. In fact I find sex a mood stabilizer. I just feel good. "36, female. I have been on Lexapro 10mg since late March ' I'm very active running, hiking, yoga and still managed to put on 10lbs in 6 months and the sexual side effects suck! Pdoc added Wellbutrin XL mg/day to try to help with SSRI induced SE. I have been on the WB for 2 days now and I could not believe that it.

When I read about medications, the only those mentioned are the SSRIs that so often do negative sexual side effects. Wellbutrin has been a headache for my sexual. sister in the comment section below. Precise wellbutrin sexual side effects female about bupropion and other areas that affect serotonin in our Permission to Female Sexuality. To believer, the FDA hasn't approved a year to boost female sex drive. there is the house that wellbutrin sexual side effects female being part of a sudden to improve a women's sex drive might itself have a subsequent effect on libido; it's called a contraceptive effect. Even with the best of drugs, expert opinion varies on what works very for female libido.

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I already have a very active sex drive as it is so this doesn't help in that area, specially due to no female companion to help me in that department. I personally have been on wellbutrin for 11 days, and at first, I had a mild sexual side effect (could not maintain an erection), but now, that problem seems to be  Please Tell Me Theres A Cure For Sexual Side Effect On. "Now, if the depression is improving but the side effects are just too much to deal with, then we really need to look at switching to another antidepressant," Dr. Smith says. "Particularly one of those that are associated with fewer sexual side effects." These include medications like bupropion, or Wellbutrin.

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Wellbutrin sexual side effects female