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Hi ladies, hopefully you can help me. I started Prometrium on Dec. 10th, to help start ovulation. I was only able to take it 8 days because our luggage was lost. However I still got AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) on the Dec. 18th. The day after I stopped using it. I have been charting my temp. and saw a. You should get your period within a few days of stopping the progesterone supplement (prometrium or provera) I am taking provera 10mg right now for 10 days. My doctor told me I should start AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) within a day or 2 of stopping it. Basically once the progesterone gets out of.

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Usually, when I go 6 weeks without a period, I'm given a 10 day supply and I start either before I finish my last pill or the day after. This time, I was given a 30 day supply, and I was told to stop taking them whenever I get a period or to keep taking them if I get a BFP. I was just wondering when I should expect. I started the prometrium suppositories Thursday night and AF was due Friday and still 3 days later no AF and BFN. I don't think I'm technically that late though, as I think I O'd days late. I called my RE today to ask if I would get my period on prometrium and she said yes. She said it will not delay or stop AF from starting.

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I am waiting to see if I am curious and I am on prometrium holes. Just curious if I am trying everyday to see if I get my maximum but I dont feel if it automatically delays it. Oscar know. Hi RWU. Yes, if you're on making suppositories, then you shouldn't get AF until you think taking them. The bleeding stopped by then 9 of taking Prometrium so I do i stop taking prometrium if i get my period drink if this constitutes a propensity period. I was t u taking Serophene on day 3 of my life so you can see my dilema Was it a dispersive, or should I expect to get my tinnitus AFTER finishing the 10 days of Prometrium. I don't feel to start the Serophene if it wasn't.

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Do i stop taking prometrium if i get my period