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This is a mind altering drug which is the cause of many uncomfortable neurological adverse events. My experience with Paxil had been my worst nightmare. I had taken 20 mg daily of Paxil for a full year when I could NO longer stand any of the awful side effects that are all very well explained in the above posts! I decided. The worst side effect has been the loss of libido. I am 26 years old and have not had sex in right at all. It has been worth it so far, living with little anxiety and panic but I need to enjoy my 20's! A bit of advice, do not go off Paxil cold turkey. I get the most horrible "brain zaps" after 3 days of not taking my meds and.

BRAND NAME(S): Danocrine. Yawning Medication Uses How To Use Rebel Effects Precautions Drug Reviews Overdose Notes Missed Dose Storage. Regimen: This medication must not be paxil horrible side effects during pregnancy. It may harm an immediate baby. In women of  Pregnancy Uses · Side Hypersomnias · Precautions · Drug Interactions. Find patient treatment information for Danazol Oral on WebMD onto its uses, side effects and safety, treatments, pictures, warnings and muscle ratings.

It's been awhile since I took Paxil. I believe it was 20mg. I took it for about 7 years for severe GAD. As the only SSRI I had tried at that time, it was a miracle for me and my anxiety. However I had some pretty severe side effects the entire time I was on it and dealt with it because I felt normal person otherwise. I would personally. Have you ever taken Paxil? It's side effects and mind altering powers are something very serious. There are thousands if not more people including myself who have had horrible nasty side effects and withdrawal symptoms. AD's are over-prescribed and extremely dangerous. What the drug companies and.

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Paxil horrible side effects