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I developed a fear of flying after 10 years of regualr flying for no reason. The next ten years was terrible and took valium and it helped but did not cure the fear. I had a two course of NLP and this made a huge difference but what really cured me was flying business class. I flew business class last year and. 06 August , I too have a fear of flying, but have never tried. Diazepam. I have tried, and still do, have two alcoholic drinks at the airport which, if I'm honest doesn't really help, well not recently anyway. I would give them a try at home to see how they make you feel before you try them for a flight.

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When we booked our holiday I made an appointment with my GP and asked if there was anything they could do to help with a fairly crippling fear of flying. My doctor waisted no time in writing me a prescription for 6 2mg tablets of Diazepam. She told me they would ease my nerves and I'd be fine, she. I now have 14, 5mg tablets of Diazepam and, to be blunt, I thinking of taking around 10mg *with* alcohol to see if that knocks me out sufficiently not to run away again (as it will look SERIOUSLY bad if I don't make this business trip). Does anyone have experience of Diazepam + alcohol? Any serious effects  Diazepam - Fear of Flying tester Dose.

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How does valium help fear of flying