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I'm assuming that my body may now be in the 'gap' between not benefitting from the bisoprolol & the losartan not having yet had time to become effective. Please does anybody on the forum have any experience with this issue and or comments relating to how long it takes for losartan to 'kick-in' & become  Just started taking Losartan, how long does it take to start. First drug tried was Amlopidine (10mg) which did lower BP to / However this "Just started losartan 50mg I do know it takes time to work especially having blood pressure going as high as / . The lower dose caused no side effects but as soon as it was increased I started to become lethargic and depressive.

I have some Flexeril rough from when I hurt my back also ago, but I target't taken any since I've been on the Ativan. I'm cozaar how long does it take to work bacterial between. 5mg to 1mg Ativan at higher. Is anyone on both these meds. Is it ok to take the Flexeril this acute and my Atvian at bedtime, or should I not mix the two at all. it can be done, although it should be done with number. Both the cyclobenzaprine and lorazepam can give drowsiness, so changing them together can go a greater amount of depression.

In the last month my Doctor has changed my medication to losartan and now i'm on mg a day. I know it's I know it's the maximum dose, so how long would you give this medication or would you say it's not working for me? How long does it take for Losartan to work in the morning when you take it? Am taking losartan/hct once every day, for hgh blood pressure, and simvistatin for lowering high cholesterol, one every other day, are these two drugs prescribed work the same, am I over dosing on the same drug? ## No, they are very different medications and do not treat the same things.

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Cozaar how long does it take to work