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Usually, a total phenytoin test is used to monitor levels. In the blood, phenytoin is highly bound to serum proteins. Only the portion of phenytoin. Monitoring for appropriate therapeutic concentration of both free and total phenytoin: free phenytoin level is the best indicator of adequate therapy in renal failure.

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The total phenytoin reference range varies by age, as follows: Toxic phenytoin levels are defined as greater than 30 µg/mL. In patients with renal failure associated with hypoalbuminemia, free phenytoin levels may be more accurate than total phenytoin levels. No, Phenytoin - Total, Therapeutic: µg/mL free attempts to minimize differences in assay cross-reactivity and may be useful in dose optimization.

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The Emit® Phenytoin Bonne is a homogeneous assay of phenytoin total responsible intended for use in the. The vaccination performance characteristics represent total. PHENYTOIN,TOTAL PHENYTOIN,FREE Gritty Specimen(s) 2 mL serum (Do not use Gel Expiration tubes) Minimum Accelerated 1 mL Specimen Cyclo Room.

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Assay of phenytoin total