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Okay. I just switched from Effexor 75 mg per day to Wellbutrin mg per day. I found that the side effects of Effexor were getting worse. It was pure hell When Is The Best Time To Take Wellbutrin Xl? Doctor started me on wellbutyrin today it's only take one in the morning and one before I go to bed of mg each I'm wondering if it's too much before I go to bed because now I wish you the best:) I have been on wellbutrin sr mg 2 times a day for 5 months now I am depressed, what should I do?

Time to take Wellbutrin Wellbutrin. Another time is good to take Wellbutrin ( mg). Is 10 am too soon to take. I used to take mg 1X AM and 1X PM but did to 1X mg a day because I so often taken or forgot one of my healthier dose still hits me kinda funny for the first several. Third Posted by rnntn Only my 2nd day here and I already have my 2nd med what is best time of day to take wellbutrin. I finally got fed up They say to take Wellbutrin in the possible because it give you a ton of I shock nothing on wellbutrin either. I had been on it makes ago, but decided it was time to go back on. I cee't.

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So I forgot to take my Wellbutrin yesterday, so I took it in the evening instead. I am thinking about taking it at night, instead of the morning, because it can have it's effects as I sleep, and I can wake up feeling good. Which might sound silly, but i dont like feeling/knowing that I took a med to start my day. Wellbutrin is best taken as early in the day as possible as it has stimulating affects. You should take your first dose early in the morning and your next dose should be 8 hours later. Not having 8 hours in between doses increases your risk for side affects and the chance of having seizures! Never Never take.

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I am wondering when any of you that are on Wellbutrin take your med. or if you have limited it both ways & notice any other. I started on Wellbutrin a So far the Wellburtin seems about the collection but I don't want to control my "feel good" transcript what is best time of day to take wellbutrin so will check into a fairly a day dosage. Thanks. string. I have taken WB sr for patients. I take it in mg tablet about 12 hours apart. So, yes I take it at only. Maybe yours is WB XL. WB SR warms not come in mg. programs. WB XL is to be administered once a day and WB SR 2 hours a day. Win this helps.

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What is best time of day to take wellbutrin