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I have killer headaches every day. I've been taking Tramadol for about 7 years. A doctor prescribed it to me for my backpain, at the beginning I took 2 50mg pills and then 1 every 8 hrs. They took care of the pain for quite some time, but then I had to increase the dose, taking 2 at a time. It was then that I felt. It's been over two years now and I have decided I want to stop taking it (as I've been having strange issues going on - irregular and heavy periods, migraines, neck problems) and I can't help but think that tramadol has caused these odd phenomenons. However, when I try to stop taking it (or even cut them.

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Tramadol commonly causes headaches for Clover and his friends that take it quite regularly. Especially in doses exceeding mg, the headaches become very common. Clover has noticed no ill effects from the headaches except the headache itself of course. Clover finds that an excedrin or a tylenol. Tramadol may cause a dangerous condition known as “serotonin syndrome”. Patients receiving serotonergic drugs such as the migraine agents called “triptans” may be at a higher risk for serotonin syndrome. Brand names of triptans include Imitrex, Zomig, Frova, Maxalt, Axert, Amerge, and Relpax. Do not.

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Tramadol cause migraines