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This means that people with severe acne who used Accutane wouldn't consider the development of a few pimples after treatment to be a relapse, whereas people This is not to suggest that young patients should avoid Accutane - just that they should be aware that they are at risk of a higher relapse rate. Will your acne return after Accutane? You have to wait and see. The purpose of a course of Accutane is to potentially clear acne long-term.

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I have a very simple answer to your question THERE IS NO CURE FOR ACNE. With all the advances in medicine, we still can not rid our patients of acne forever. There many good treatments available to help control it. Even with Accutane, the literature sites and approximate 25% "relapse"/recurrence rate. Hang in there. What acne treatments are available after using accutane, and after accutane treatment was unsuccessful? the use of an oral antibiotic for a short duration (8 weeks) combined with sustained retinoid therapy can sometimes calm down the breakout and help us avoid repeating a course of isotretinoin.

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How to control acne after accutane