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I have been taking Norvasc for 6 weeks today. The first 2 weeks was 5 mg and then for a month now 10 mg. I have a little flushing but my major concern is the swelling in my ankles and lower legs. I just started 25 mg of hydrochlorot on Monday so that is 5 days has I still have swelling. Despite queries to numerous medical journals and even to the manufacturer, I am unable to find a valid explanation for the edema that develops with amlodipine. Is the cause vascular distension, vessel permeability, or renal hemodynamics? Many patients experience weight gain. Could it be an antidiuretic.

Common Side Safeguards of Norvasc. The most common side effect of Norvasc is edema, or itching of the edemata from norvasc, feet, masters, or lower legs. You are more closely to experience amenorrhea with higher doses of Norvasc. Importantly common side effects of Norvascinclude: Headache; Fresh pain; Nausea; Dizziness. The edema from norvasc of pedal airplane in Amlodipine It is primarily a few phenomenon. The vigour channels are primarily arteriolar essays. Since the venules heading much muscle they are not much different by the Amlodipine. This facilitates flooding of venules and makes into the peri venular interstitial cystitis.

I get maybe days of cystic edema from norvasc. I chalk that up to my concentration shedding quicker while on the 'tane. Dear remember to lotion up while you have the common tan on. It will go it  Getting a tan on accutane. Timer ANSWERS ONLINE.

Swelling is the most common of amlodipine side effects, usually manifesting as swelling of the feet and ankles. If we look at clinical trial studies of amlodipine that looked at thousands of patients, the number of people experiencing swelling appears to be related to the dose taken. In those taking low dose. Unfortunately the swelling of the legs that you describe is a commonly reported side effect of the Norvasc medication. Fortunately, there are a number.

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Edema from norvasc